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Ma Penderie Vintage's Blog

Le Style Pin Up 🍒

The Pin-Up Style 🍒

What is the Pin Up style?
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La Mode des Années 20

The Fashion of 1920's

The Roaring Twenties rhyme with creativity! The arts abound, communicate with each other, show boldness. We celebrate surrealism.
Photographer Man Ray sublimates women's bodies. Everyone wants to rub shoulders with Gertrude Steirn's literary salon, which welcomes the greatest names in American literature: Dos Passos, Hemingway, Steinbeck.

<tc>Ma Penderie Vintage</tc> - The 20s

We want novelty, lightness, things that shine, after the events of the Great War. The same is true in the fashion of the 20s with a significant phenomenon of emancipation among women.
Like Louise Brooks or Josephine Baker, many adopt short, boyish haircuts.

Skirts and dresses are getting shorter, revealing the legs, lines become more fluid with straight cuts. Some dare pants. The woman becomes androgynous and asserts herself, including in her outfit.
Some like England get the right to vote.
However, we don't neglect accessories and dresses, especially those for beautifully crafted evenings: in silk, with fringes, with sequins or even glass pearls.
This is the Gatsby dress that everyone knows and let's face it, some would love to have the special occasion to wear it.

To get a better idea of ​​feminine and masculine looks, it's best to watch "The Artist" with Jean Dujardin or the "Peaky Blinders" series.
1929 and the crash of Wall Street put an end to all this splendor. We put away everything that shines for more sober colors, less jewelry and furs. But that's another story.
In the meantime, what accessories or clothes from the Roaring Twenties would you like to adopt in your daily life?

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La Mode Des Années 50

The Fashion Of 1950's

Ah the 50s! After the years of recession, shortages and anxiety due to the Second World War, we aspire to more lightness and rediscover time for ourselves.
The designers are back to work. We use new textiles that are easier to wear and work with. Women's clothing is redesigned. We rediscover the female body above all: marked waist, breasts highlighted, especially with this funny invention that is the shell-shaped bra, skirts and dresses adorned with petticoats to give even more volume.
Haute Couture houses dress the biggest like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.
Women are forced to return to their homes after being called upon to replace men in factories in particular. They take care of their home and family. Regression for some, no doubt, but that's forgetting that with the thirty glorious years and the American Way of Life which is exported thanks to the cinema in particular: it's time for the rise of cars, appliances and hobbies.
Leisure time is also an opportunity for men, women and children to pay attention to their attire. It is not uncommon to see father and son dressed identically, the same for mother and daughter.
Ladies will also not neglect to match accessories and clothes correctly: handbag, pumps, hats or scarves. Everything is thought out down to the smallest detail, including the pastel-colored make-up.
Remember, those trapeze dresses for day or evening that women dressed then. Buttoned along the entire length or only the top for the day and household chores, the dresses were dress up pretty details for going out, when it's not richer fabrics like silk or velvet for a cocktail, for example.
And it is with a certain casualness that some women still choose these dresses today, because they are comfortable, easy to wear whatever the occasion and with a very confident style.
If you prefer a vintage look that shows off a woman's curves a bit more, then your model, just like me, will be another Hollywood star. I named Marilyn Monroe, who featured a pencil skirt and sheath dress, not to mention this famous trapeze dress with a bare back, flying above a New York subway grid, in the film " Seven years of reflection.
So, ready to stand out with 50s style?
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